Some Challenging Ideas For Trouble-free Eateries Tactics

Feb 24, 2017

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Four lawmakers, including Sens. Jeff Partridge and Terri Haverly of Rapid City, joined in the fun by flashing their toy watches for a reporter who then took a picture that was published in Wednesdays Rapid City Journal. One of the lobbyists, Linda Schauer of Leola, explained to the reporter that the gifts were a joke. Supporters of Initiated Measure 22, or the Anti-Corruption Act, that the Legislature repealed earlier in the session didnt see the humor, however. It was a bit disconcerting to see lawmakers openly proclaim their relationship with lobbyists while putting their sense of humor on display for all to see. BAD: While lawmakers have considered such important bills as when to turn your vehicles headlights on or whether liquor can be delivered to our homes, theyve done precious little to boost the states economic development efforts even as sales tax collections dwindle and the agriculture industry struggles with declining cattle and grain prices. Lawmakers, however, can take a small step in the right direction by approving Senate Bill 135, which would allow country of origin labeling, a bill strongly backed by the states cattle industry. While you might think a bill like this would be a slam dunk in South Dakota, the measure was only approved on a 5-3 vote in a Senate committee. Among those who opposed the measure was Sen.